• CONSTRUCTING The Talent Advantage

    addressing challenges in every stage of the business life cycle by constructing the talent advantage.

  • Our vision

    We believe in finding and placing the top talent in the market within the best organizations to help our clients' make a huge impact on the world around us.

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    Talent Innovation

    Search, Staffing, Consulting

    For over 15 years, we have been the search, staffing and consulting leaders, perfectly matching capable and talented people with successful companies, helping them to attain their business objectives. Our solution oriented approach to understanding your needs ensures we identify and represent the best possible talent available in the market, personally selected and matched to your requirements by our highly-tenured, extraordinarily capable recruiting team.


    Sailwind makes it our business to know your business, an approach that has led to many long-standing client relationships - the foundations of which were built on trust, credibility, service orientation and meeting your talent needs. When you're looking for outside help to meet your organization's talent needs, look no further than the quality team that we've assembled at Sailwind Associates!


  • What We Do

    Solve Business Challenges

    Executive Search

    Drawing on deep industry and functional knowledge, we provide insights into the talent who best fit our clients' unique organizational needs with timely and responsive support through our uniquely developed consultative approach with “Proactive” candidate screening and interviewing.

    • Careful candidate selection
    • Coaching and counseling prior to interviews
    • Scheduling of interviews
    • Debriefing
    • Recognition and salary negotiation
    • Resignation counseling
    • Coordination/facilitation of start date
    • Reference checking
    • Continuous follow-up

    Project Staffing

    Intended for multiple, simultaneous searches (typically 2 - 4), a weekly fee is charged for each position. When any of them are filled with our candidates, the agreed placement fee is charged, less the accumulated weekly payments for that search.

    Talent Acquisition Consulting

    Recruitment has become Complex, Difficult, and Strategic and Sailwind is here to guide you through this process. We take a hard look at your business and help to align your people, processes and technology.

    Recruitment Augmentation

    Sometimes all you need is an additional experienced recruitment resource to reduce the pressure on your hiring goals. Sailwind is here to help provide on the ground resources.

    In-House Training

    Does your internal team need to sharpen their skills or learn some new skills? We have talented recruitment experts that can put the "pep" back in their step while teaching them best practices within LinkedIn, email writing, phone etiquette, resume review, Boolean search etc.

  • Social Responsibility

    our obligation to affect the world


    We create business synergies between an employer and a new employee

    A business' relationship to its society and environment is a critical factor for operating efficiently and effectively.


    that employee makes a considerable impact on the company and the world around them

    We believe every step we take creates a ripple effect around us. That’s why we strive to make a positive impact on the people and communities around us, effectively and sustainably.


    Sailwind Delivers

    We donate 5% of our revenue and countless hours to charitable organizations focusing on solving the world's largest problems.

  • Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, we're committed to supporting our clients and investors.

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    Eric Hooper

    President & Founder

    "Talent is what separates the good companies from the great."

    In 2001, Eric opened Sailwind Associates in Atlanta, Georgia to help companies make use of people, processes, and technology more efficiently and effectively. Over the past decade, he’s been a driving force in many successful start-ups, including the launch of the Executive Search and Staffing Practice for Tatum, most recently acquired by the Randstad Company. His desire to always know everything about Talent Strategy, Employment Branding, Recruitment and Technology has earned him numerous accolades from his clients and the Recruitment community.


    "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

    - Andy Warhol

  • Recommendations & Clients

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    Experienced Recruiter

    Stephen Klee - VP, Cortland Partners

    Eric is a very experienced recruiter. He brings very high energy and professionalism into his talent acquisition efforts. This helps to convey to prospects a great first impression of the staffing opportunities that his clients are trying to fill. He has helped to fill dozens of positions for Cortland Partners during our rapid growth.

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    Wes Hargraves - CFO, CSG International

    Eric received my name from a mutual business colleague as Eric was working on a CFO search and I was in the market for a new and exciting CFO position in the Atlanta area. From our first (Meet & Greet) through the time I accepted an offer, Eric performed professionally through all phases of the complex and stress filled executive search process. To sum it up - Eric was professional, communicated well (with me and the client), told me where I was in the process (honestly) and helped drive the offer process to a close. Lastly, he also worked effectively to negotiate a fantastic compensation package. For those of you that have lived through the executive search process, my comments above are hard to find in an executive recruiter. I highly recommend working with Eric!

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    Promises Kept

    Felix Friedrich - Non-disclosed

    Eric provided exceptional service during my hiring process with Rheem Manufacturing Company. I especially like to point out that Eric is -unlike so many, many other recruiters- was the only one I met who did not promise what he couldn't manage to keep. Always straight forward if necessary but keeping a positive attitude towards the goals to be reached while staying within realistic limits. His long lasting work in this profession sure helped him a lot to develop these commendable characteristics and outstanding expertise.

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    Focused On Results

    Kent Gray - Principal, The Chartis Group

    Eric works really hard to make sure there is both a technical and cultural fit for a candidate and the organization - a comprehensive approach that I've seen many search specialists fail to appreciate. Eric is a team player, good listener, and always focused on results.

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